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Green Landscaping is licensed and insured to provide a variety of landscaping services such as sprinkler systems, landscape demolition and installation, stump grinding, landscape design, walkways, and more.

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We Are Sacramento's Landscaping Experts

Green Landscaping is family owned & operated since 2008 providing the best landscaping services in Sacramento and around. What sets us apart is our attention to detail and getting all the small things right before the big things. Landscaping is an art more than it is a service. Our professional crew of landscapers all share the same vision for design and aesthetics for their craft to deliver something spectacular.

Landscaping Design Services

Tree, Shrub, & Plant Installation

New Grass & Sod Installation

Custom Concrete Work

Tips On How To Plan Your Landscaping Design & Renovation

Having trouble deciding what to do with your landscaping? Here's a quick video to get you started on how to plan your project, how to decide what plants to use, and how to choose design features.

Why choose Green Landscaping for your home or business?

At Green Landscaping, our number one goal is customer service. We set out everyday to exceed expectations and make our clients landscaping dreams come true

Attention To Detail

It's all about the little things that can make your landscaping go to the next level.

Family Owned

Our business is our life. We get up everyday excited to make Sacramento beautiful.

Full Service

We can assist in the landscape design and installation.

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trees palm trees at a sunset

Protect Your Trees & Protect Your Home

Trees play a vital part in the value of your home or business, and Green Landscaping is ready and waiting to take care of all your tree care needs no matter how big or small. When a tree is removed, we also provide stump grinding services to remove the stump from your yard. These stumps can take up a lot of space and can be an eyesore. You can let us perform a stump removal so you can reclaim that space for a garden, lawn, or even plant a new tree in its place!

Design Concept Assistance

Trying to figure out and imagine the types of plants and layout you want for your new landscaping renovation can seem daunting and difficult with so many options available. Green Landscaping can help! We have a landscape design partner ready to take your wish list for your new yard and turn it into actual plans. From patios, to water features, to garden bed layout, decks, and much more we can turn your landscape into your very own utopia.

Tree, Shrub, & Plant Installation

Trees and shrubs are the basic building blocks of any landscape renovation. These plants will grow into their spaces over the next few years and eventually fill in the empty spaces in your garden beds. It's vital to know WHAT to plant and WHERE. We take into consideration the climate, soil conditions, sort term and long term goals, and having the foresight to know how big these trees, shrubs, and plants will be and to plan around their future sizes, not their current sizes.

New Grass, New Sod Install

A new lawn can completely change the look and feel of your home and its curb appeal. If you have some bare patches, yellow spots, or they're more weed than grass, sod replacement and installations might be the best solution for your lawn. Installing new sod is the fastest way to get a new lawn, and to do so we only source our sod from local growers whose grass variety is best suited for the climate and sun exposure of your yard.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to add dimension and variety to your landscaping. Green Landscaping is a licensed and insured landscaping contractor that also specializes in building and installing retaining walls for Sacramento. Another great use for retaining walls is to level out large slopes in your yard and allow you to create a level surface to enjoy your outdoor space.

Fencing & Drainage

We also specialize in fence installations and drainage and know the importance a well built fence is to your home. It creates your personal space and adds privacy to your backyard while also improving the look and feel of your property. If you need a vinyl, wooden, iron, or steel fence installed on your property, Green Landscaping can create something stunning and lasting for years to come.

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Sprinkler Systems

Each property has their own unique layout and challenges when it comes to installing a new sprinkler system. We can professionally design, layout, plan, and install your new sprinkler system with little to no disturbance to your lawn. Sprinkler systems are great for maintaining a green lawn by watering at the best times of the day (in the early morning) while allowing you to keep going about your day without having to babysit a hose sprinkler.

Driveways, Patios, & Walkways

Most asphalt driveways are meant to only last 10-15 years, and if your driveway has exceeded its useful life it will start showing signs of breaking down such as cracking, not draining properly, and a lack of sealing. While concrete driveways are twice as expensive, they can last for up to 50 years in the right conditions. Whichever you prefer, Green landscaping can get the project done for you!

Concrete Work

We can also design and build various concrete installations such as pavers, brick pathways, flagstone paths, custom concrete designs and patterns, stamped concrete designs, and broom and salt finishes. We also remove concrete walkways, patios, and driveways and dispose of the debris for you.

Sacramento Landscaping Contractors

Green Landscaping has been a trusted landscaping contractor in Sacramento for over 12 years and serving thousands of satisfied customers. When you hire us, you are hiring dedicated and passionate professionals who care about their work and treat your property with respect and care.

Let us take care of your residential or commercial properties and we will give nothing but the best service with the best prices and quality in all of Sacramento and the surrounding area.

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Should I Remove My Diseased Tree?

Just because your tree may have a disease does not mean that is cause for an immediate removal of the diseased tree. Some characteristics of a tree disease include a tree that is leaning heavily to one side, vertical cracks in the trunk, and bare patches where bark has fallen off. (Healthy trees grow new bark, unhealthy trees do not).

Some of the diseases associated with treesan be removed, but for those that can't we HIGHLY recommend removing the dead or diseased tree before it can become a potential safety hazard and fall. Give us a call if you have any questionable trees that might need to be inspected and possibly removed.


Our Satisfied Clients

Green Landscaping was putting in a lawn on the neighbor's lot. I asked them to stop by and give me an estimate. I had a front yard that was covered in red cinder that looked old and not attractive. I had tried to remove some of the cinder and it was difficult for my old bones to put it in bags and haul it away. Jose and his team did the whole yard in a half of a day, even putting in a sprinkler system! Now I am waiting for the dichondra to grow and overcome the weeds. When that happens I will publish a picture of my lush green dichondra lawn which will never need mowing.

Sidney W.

Sacramento, CA

Jose and his crew at Green Landscaping have been our gardener for 15 years. Jose does a great job with routine services, but also specialty services. He has laid flagstones and pavers; installed and maintains our sprinkler and drip system that virtually reaches everylll growing thing in our yard; routinely trims and prunes shrubs and trees before they overgrow; and cleared weeds in an unraveled area and set barriers against regrowth. His rates remain reasonable, and we are lucky to have him.

Joyce S.

Sacramento, CA

Jose and his crew are fantastic! We worked with Jose to create our perfect backyard and front yard and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They were able to completely transform our yards which included tree removal, new concrete, grass, a new sprinkler system, fence repair, pergola installation and advice on how to maintain it all. Jose really goes above and beyond and helps you figure out what will work for you at a reasonable, affordable price. We would recommend him to anyone, anytime. Thank you again!

Yvonne B.

Sacramento, CA

Jose goes above and beyond the call of duty. Most landscapers start out strong then wane in a few months. Jose's service gets better and better. I am so thankful to have found him!

Tracy W.

Sacramento, CA

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